September 20, 2021


Who do I call if I need to modify or cancel my reservation?

Call our customer service team at 877-428-4585 (or 801-656-1460 if traveling internationally). We are available 24/7/365. Because you booked through our website, we will need to modify the reservation rather than the hotel, so we ask that you call us directly versus calling the hotel directly.

Are resort fees, parking and other hotel charges included in the rate?

The rate we charge up front includes the nightly charge plus taxes. Some hotels charge other fees that are not included in your nightly rate such as a deposit, resort fee, parking or other. These types of charges are not included in the nightly rate and will be charged by the hotel or property directly.

What is the cancellation policy?

Cancellation policies vary by property and dates of stay. Prior to booking, the cancellation policy is listed once you’ve selected your room type under the Additional Details section. If you’ve already booked, the cancellation policy is included in the reservation confirmation email as well.

When is my credit card charged – when I book or at the hotel?

In order to lock in your discount, we charge your credit card at the time you make your reservation.

Is my reservation confirmed with the hotel immediately after I book it?

After you complete your booking, you’ll receive an email to confirm your reservation. It may take a short amount of time for the reservation to appear in the hotel or property’s system. So, it may not be immediately available right after you book. As a courtesy to you, we do perform a pre-arrival confirmation within 5 days of your check in date to double check that everything is on track with your reservation. We call the property to confirm your specific reservation. So, all you have to do is show up with your identification and credit card to check in.

How do I know my booking went through?

There’s a couple of ways to determine if your booking went through. First, upon booking the room, you should see a confirmation page that the booking was successful. Second, you should receive an email confirmation outlining your trip details. Lastly, you can always log back into the site, and on the top right side of the page, click on “My Trips” where you can see your upcoming trip information. Or, you may call our customer service team to verify your reservation in our system - 877-428-4585 (or 801-656-1460 if traveling internationally).

Why didn’t I receive my confirmation email?

We send an email to you to confirm that your hotel was successfully booked. The confirmation email is sent to the email address that we have associated with the account. If you cannot find it in your inbox, check your junk folder. For Gmail accounts, it may also appear in the Promotions or Social tabs. Alternatively, you can log back into the site and check the “My Trips” section on the main travel page to view your travel details. If you still cannot find you email confirmation, please feel free to call us at 877-428-4585 (or 801-656-1460 if traveling internationally).

Why does my confirmation number not match the hotel records?

The trip number located on your confirmation email is so that our dedicated Member Services team can assist you with your travel needs. The hotel will not have a record of the trip number in their system. The property may assign a separate reservation or confirmation number that we do not have access to. You should be able to provide your name only to check into the hotel. IF you have any questions or concerns, our Member Services team is available 24/7 at 877-428-4585 (or 801-656-1460 if traveling internationally).

Can I earn points from my hotel loyalty program?

You’ll have to check the terms and conditions of your hotel loyalty program. Some programs designate that booking your hotel through a third party is not considered a qualifying stay to earn points. Our suggestion is to present your loyalty member number to the hotel upon check in to determine if your stay qualifies for points.

Why are you able to offer this level of discounts?

Hotels are always looking to fill every room, every night. To do so, they often make deals with online travel companies to buy rooms in bulk upfront at a discounted rate or just list the hotel room inventories when the hotel is not sold out. We have contracted with over nearly one million hotel, car rental and activities suppliers to provide the best discounts so you can experience more by saving on every stay.

Can I book on the same day I want to check in?

Absolutely! Feel free to make last minute travel plans and enjoy your hotel discounts.

Why would the price change between the search results page and when I try to book the room?

In general, hotel room pricing is influenced by a variety of reasons including time of year, type of room, location, room occupancy and competitive pressures. Because of these factors, hotel room pricing can be updated and changed on a very frequent basis. Without getting into the technical details of how search results are returned on the website, sometimes after the initial list of hotels are displayed, there could be a change in the price once you click on your chosen hotel to see the room type availability. The reasons why it changes can vary, but include out-of-date data, a price increase or decrease, change in room availability and more. This does not happen often, and please be assured that we strive to provide you the best deals out there and provide you with the best possible experience.

Is it safe and secure to use my credit card to book my hotel room?

Yes. Our platform is compliant with current Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) requirements. This is a set of rigorous technical and operational standards required by credit card companies to process payments. This ensures that your credit card information is safe and secure.

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